How to adjust the moisture content when wood pellet machine pellets?
Time : 2023-08-07

Customers often ask how to adjust the moisture when wood pellet machine granulates? In fact, this is a cognitive error.

There is no need to release water to make wood pellets. The control of particle moisture mainly comes from the control of raw material moisture. The moisture content of raw materials is required to be 8-12%. Only when these requirements are met can fine particles be made. Therefore, there is no need to add water in the production process of granules. If the water content is too large, it will affect the formation of granules.

Imagine, if the raw material did not exceed the moisture content requirement in advance, and the water was released blindly during the granulation process, can you ensure the water content of the raw material during the granulation process? If you release too much water, the particles will not easily form and break. , Loose state. Less water is not conducive to the formation of particles. If the raw materials are too dry, the adhesiveness will decrease, and the raw materials will not be easily squeezed together. Therefore, don’t waste water in the process of granulation, the key is to control the moisture content of raw materials.