Straw sawdust pellet machine can press both fuel and feed
Time : 2023-08-07

Straw sawdust pellet machine can press both fuel and feed

The sawdust pellet machine is also called the straw feed pellet machine, and the straw sawdust pellet machine can press a variety of straw into

Straw pellets are used as fuel, and the raw materials of the straw wood pellet machine include: corn stalks, rice straws, weed straws, alfalfa grass, wheat, rice, corn, potatoes, oilseeds, cotton, sugar cane, bamboo, etc. Our company's straw sawdust pellet machine has powerful functions, stable performance, and high output. It is the first choice for the production of pellet fuel and feed pellets.

Straw sawdust pellet machine features:

1. Feeding should be uniform. The advantage of this is that it can make the granulation of the granulator smoother and keep the machine running at a high speed;

2. Choose the appropriate template aperture according to your own use. Some users use too small pore size, which often leads to low output or even no discharge. It is hoped that when buying a pellet machine, ask the salesperson carefully what size template should be equipped;

3. Adjust the gap between the template and the pressure roller. Appropriate pressure can make the degree of ripening and compactness of the particles achieve good results;

4. Keep the pellet machine clean. Users often do not pay attention to keeping the pellet machine clean during use, which speeds up the service life of the pellet machine, so pay attention to keeping the pellet machine clean. regular cleaning;

5. Regularly keep the granules lubricated, add butter and lubricant regularly. Regular cleaning of the template, generally adding butter can improve the efficiency of the machine.

Main performance characteristics of straw pellet machine:

1. The material can be dried in and out without drying. It adopts differential gear, universal joint transmission, equipped with motor or diesel engine, low energy consumption, high output, convenient operation and low noise.

2. Good price and high quality, dry material processing, the produced feed pellets have high hardness, smooth surface and internal curing.

3. The new process of extrusion granulation and polishing and shaping has completely solved the key technical problems such as low addition of organic raw materials, difficult granulation, and raw materials that need to be dried and pulverized. The skj type adopts a series of steps such as stirring, mixing, extruding, and granulating. There are 2 pressing rollers in the pressing area, and the fans are inclined to open the pressing rollers to reduce friction, reduce energy consumption, and have high output. The volume of straw is doubled after briquetting, which is convenient for long-term storage and transportation

4. Adapt to different materials to ensure the pressing effect. Compression molding of sawdust and corn stalks requires a lot of pressure. Among similar granulation equipment, the roller is the central part of the whole equipment, and high-quality alloy steel is used to improve the service life of the roller.

5. The pellets made by the straw pellet machine can be used in fireplaces, boilers, gasifiers, and biomass power plants.