What are the regulations on the raw materials of the pellet machine?
Time : 2023-08-07

What are the regulations for the raw materials of the pellet machine?

The wood pellet machine has high compatibility with raw materials. Commonly used are:

1. Grain crop straw. Such as rice husk, wheat straw, peanut shell, corn straw, coconut shell, palm shell, etc.

2. Wood or sawdust. Waste wood, logs, bamboo, etc.

In order to better produce high-quality pellets, we need to have higher requirements for pellet machines. The granulator is a mechanical equipment specially used for the production and processing of granules, and there are also regulations for the mechanical equipment used for the production and processing of raw materials. From the grasp of the types of mechanical equipment, we all know that there are many types of raw materials, so what are the actual requirements?

1. Different raw materials have different moisture requirements. Generally, the granulator stipulates that the moisture content of raw materials shall not exceed 15%.

2. The granulation of the granulator stipulates that the maximum size of the material shall not exceed the diameter of the die hole.

3. Raw materials must not be mixed with hard blocks such as iron and stone, otherwise the mechanical equipment will be damaged.

4. High-quality granulation can be completed without adding additives to the raw materials. However, in order to improve the yield and greatly prolong the service life of the steel mesh, pressure roller and other components, it is recommended to use the adhesive reasonably.

5. Try to use cork as raw material to produce pellets. Many cork pieces are easier to hold, which can improve the forming rate.

6. The water content of the compressed wood pellets is between 8-12%. If the moisture content is too high, the trapped particles will become loose and easily broken during packaging and transportation. If the water content is too low, the pellets are difficult to compact, the pellet molding rate is low, and a large amount of powdery raw materials appear.

The above are the requirements for the raw materials of the granulator, and the focus is on the temperature, specification and strength of the raw materials. However, these facilities can process a variety of raw materials, such as ordinary wood chips, feed, crop straw, etc. Their performance in these three aspects is different, and we need to understand their standards more specifically.

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