Features of high-quality wood chip crushers and precautions for purchasing
Time : 2023-07-09

When buying wood processing machinery, we need to pay attention to the quality of the mechanical equipment, so what should we pay attention to when buying a wood chip grinder? For some new customers when purchasing wood chip grinders, we recommend some features of high-quality wood chip grinders for you.

  1. The design of sawdust crusher, the processing of wood chips, from the leftover materials of traditional furniture, the large demand of the industry now has formed a market for professional processing of wood chips, so the mechanical equipment for processing wood chips is wood chip grinder. To choose a sawdust grinder, you must choose the latest wood chip equipment. The traditional sawdust grinder is designed differently from the new sawdust grinder, so there is a big difference in output and quality.

  2. The cutting tool of the sawdust crusher, the blade is the core tool for processing wood chips. During the production process of the sawdust machine, the high-speed rotating blade is mainly used for crushing. The material used for the sawdust machine blade will directly affect the policy use of the equipment.

  3. Vulnerable parts of the sawdust crusher, usually mechanical equipment will have vulnerable parts, and the consumption of vulnerable parts is one of the cost budget issues during processing. Only reliable operation can reduce costs. All parts of the sawdust grinder are With wear protection, the maintenance cost is reduced to a minimum, and the general service life can be increased by more than 30%.

When purchasing a sawdust grinder, in addition to knowing the characteristics of a high-quality sawdust grinder, customers should also understand the ten points for attention when purchasing a sawdust grinder.

First, look for the old brand and old enterprise of wood chip crusher. After years of production and market turmoil, these old enterprises have become boutique enterprises, and they have stable production technology and reasonable craftsmanship.

Second, choose the specifications and models of wood chip crushers that suit you, and configure appropriate power and auxiliary equipment. The shredder must be compatible with its own material.

Third, the configuration and supply of vulnerable parts of the sawdust crusher. Vulnerable parts must take this into consideration when purchasing a sawdust grinder, so as to avoid affecting or affecting your own production plan due to the delivery time of the spare parts of the sawdust grinder manufacturer.

Fourth, visit existing users of wood chip crushers, sum up experience and problems, and avoid or reduce risky investment.

Fifth, reasonably control the moisture content of raw materials and the fineness of crushed finished products. Ordinary sawdust grinders are used for the production of concentrated materials and full-price materials, and micro-powder sawdust grinders are used for the grinding of premixed materials or special raw materials with low fineness.

Sixth, pay attention to the after-sales service of wood chip crushers. The use and after-sales service of wood chip crusher is very important.

Seventh, reasonable maintenance and lubricating grease filling.

Eighth, replace the hammers, screens and damaged bearings of the sawdust crusher in time to ensure the continuous operation of the equipment.

Ninth, the wood chip grinder should avoid outdoor operations as much as possible. Outdoor rain and wind can easily change the performance of machinery and equipment.

Tenth, regularly check the balance of the main shaft.

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